Q: Do you deliver outside of the areas listed in your service area?

A: Yes we deliver within reason. Areas outside of the catchment area may require an additional delivery fee. This will be based on the delivery location.

Q: Can I pick up rental equipment?

A: All equipment will be delivered by our staff. We want to ensure all items are set up and working properly before we leave your location. With some of the equipment, we will even train you on how to operate the equipment safely.

Q: When do you set up?

A: Bouncers are set up typically the morning of your event. Sometimes this will depend on the weather. We like to have them blown up when the area is dry.
Tables, chairs and tents are typically set up the morning of your event as well, however, if there is a more preferred time you would like them dropped off, we will do our best to accommodate.

Q: What is your weather cancellation policy?

A: We live in Michigan so the weather is either our best friend or our enemy. We understand that some parties must go on, but it is our goal to ensure that all clients are safe.  Bouncers are not safe with rain and strong winds. Bounce2It has the right to cancel any rental items due to weather conditions. If this is the case, and we cancel your bouncer due to the weather you will receive a full refund.
Tents, tables and chairs can still be delivered for your party in the case of rain. However, they too may be canceled in the event of strong winds.  We will always be in communication with you regarding the status of your party rental equipment.

Q: What if we want to cancel reserved equipment?

A: We understand that life happens sometimes. You have up until 48 hours prior to the event to cancel and still receive a full refund of your deposit. If you choose to move your date to another date, we have open, we are happy to accommodate if your item is available. After the 48-hour window, you lose your deposit.

Q: Who oversees the supervision of the bouncers?

A: Once your bouncer is delivered, the renter is responsible for the safety and supervision. If you are interested in having an employee of Bounce2It supervise, please contact us and we will discuss that additional purchase with you.

Q: Is there a deposit required?

A: Bounce2It requires a 25% deposit of the rental quote to reserve your equipment for the date requested. You are eligible for a full refund up to 48 hours prior to the event.

Q: Can the inflatables be set up indoors?

A: YES! As long as you have a ceiling high enough, we are happy to set up indoors. Typically a 17 ft clearance is needed

Q: Are the Bouncers safe?

A: Yes, Our units are constructed to be as safe as possible. Units include a safety step and safety nets that stop children from bouncing out of the bouncer and injuring themselves. Also, most bouncers have emergency exits on the roof in case of power failure. As with any activity involving small children, an adult should always supervise . This will help to ensure that the few simple rules continue to be followed and that someone is always there.

Q: What surfaces can you set up on?

A: Grass is ideal to set up both tents and bouncers on. We can also set the bouncers up on asphalt and concrete. We can not set up on dirt or rocks.

Q: What happens if the unit is damaged?

A: All equipment will be delivered in working order. If there is any damage to any equipment, please let Bounce2It know prior to your event starting. There is an element of normal wear and tear of all equipment (e.g., seams pulling). If this occurs, contact us asap and we will come out immediately and repair or replace the unit. If damage occurs due to abuse or neglect (e.g., leaving the bouncer on in high winds or rain, wearing shoes inside) you will be responsible for repairs and/or full replacement. Please refer to your contract and safety rules for more details.